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Donald Moser

Regional Manager, Aptive

Performance Before Griffin Hill vs. With Griffin Hill  0:45

Teams Outperform & Dominate  2:02

  Using the Integrity Sales System  2:52

Benefits of Using the High Performance Journal  3:56

Teams Achieve More Using Priority Alignment Tool  5:05

   30% Improvement  5:55

  Leadership Course  6:35

  "The Best Part"  7:17

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Rick Bartholomew

CEO, A Plus Benefits

“Prior to Griffin Hill I was constantly searching for answers to my sales challenges. We now have a sales system, we have a common language, and after 10 years, I know we have the right answers for our sales team.” 

Dr. Sterling Bone

USU School of Business

“The Griffin Hill Sales System is the most dynamic, comprehensive sales system I’ve seen!” 

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Doug Ferrell


“We help clients save time and money, alleviate headaches and help companies go to market faster. Griffin Hill has helped us communicate and fulfill these benefits. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes from fulfilling promises.” 

Ted Broman

CEO, Spruce Capital

0:42  Exponential Revenue Growth Using Griffin Hill

1:40  Completeness of the System

3:00  Personal Transformation in Productivity & Achievement

3:58  Life-changing Results by Sticking with it Beyond 3 Months

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Jeremy Spencer


Results for Leaders & Sales  1:21

Improvement from Using ScoreCard  2:41

 4 Unexpected Benefits  3:33

"My own CFO, who hates writing checks..."  5:25

achieved by leaders and their teams with ELITE membership



0:23  Role & background

0:55  Leadership

1:34  Team Results

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Nate Higgs

CEO, Sparrow Electric

0:23  Role & background

0:55  Leadership

5:25  "My own CFO, who hates writing checks..."

Shanna Marchant

VP, Moreton & Company

0:29  Important principle for managing multiple personalities

1:00  Reflecting and writing to get better at 1-on-1s

1:19  What we've found most valuable from Griffin Hill

Nate Higgs

CEO, Sparrow Electric

The challenges of a growing sales team  0:47

How Griffin Hill sales training compares to all others  2:02

 8x Growth in Top-line Revenue  3:32

Value of a Proven Process  3:57

Griffin Hill Analytics Yield Better Business Decisions  5:35